10 Things to do Before Selling Your Home

I know… I know. Everybody wants to get to the “SOLD Picture” but what they don’t realize is there’s a process to get there! That’s where I come in. I’m here to give you the “10 Things to do Before Selling Your Home.” Follow these steps and before you know it, we’ll be taking this picture together!

1. Curb Appeal

It’s the absolute truth that a buyer will judge a book by its cover. A few good suggestions to consider are plant colorful flowers, paint your front door, and cut and edge the lawn. Think “neat & tidy.” You can always reach out to me and I can give you suggestions on your specific home.

2. Declutter

If a home appears to be overflowing with “Stuff,” then it looks crowded and small to a potential buyer. Less is more when you are getting your home ready for showings. I always suggest the “Flat Surface Rule.” (I just made that up….do you like it? 🙂 ) Look at any flat surface in your home such as countertops, desks, tables automens, and even floors, and remove all items that aren’t essential.

Take all your excess stuff and pack it up and away. You are moving anyway so this is one step closer to our goal!! (Not sure what goes and what stays? I can help)

3. Depersonalize

Its’ a great idea to remove any personal items, family photos, bold artwork or crazy furniture. You want a buyer to be able to visualize themselves and their family living your home. Give a buyer a blank canvas to work with.

4. Repaint Bold Walls

You might love the bright purple dining room but that doesnt mean potential buyers will. Paint bold walls to neutral colors which will accomplish 3 things. It will give the impression of more space and light, help a buyer envision their future wall colors, and let’s them picture themselves living in the home. A great neutral color that I use is Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029.

5. Touch up Paint

A little bit of paint touch up’s goes a long way! You don’t need to do a full house repaint but you know those areas you’ve been meaning to take care of.

It’s always a great idea to touch up baseboards walls and doors that are showing scuff marks are wear. Another great idea for you walls is use the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It’s a miracle worker on all stains! Try it out and let me know what you think.

6. Replace Loose Knobs & Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Loose door knob handles or kitchen pulls can give a prospective buyer the idea of neglect. You don’t want them thinking “I wonder what else is wrong here?” Make sure those handles are snug and working properly.

Another low cost and high return item are light bulbs. Make sure all yours work and when a switch is flipped, you “Let them see light!”

7. Add Some Flowers

Any kind of plants really make the home more peaceful and inviting. Remember, green is good. If you want to go the extra step, add a splash of color with fresh flowers in a vase on the dining room table. This can give a “Pop” to your home decor.

8. Clean, Smell, Clean

Cleaning your home is the number one thing you can do paying special attention to toilets, tubs, shower areas, countertops and the kitchen.

You want your house smelling like fresh cleaning products. Bring a friend or family member over to give your house the smell test and make sure it passes. You want the first words out of a buyers mouth to be “Wow, this is clean!” (and the second words to be “I’ll take it!!”)

Professional Photos are a gift I give to all my clients so we want the house to be spotless! After all, we only get one shot at photos!

9. Pets

Make sure to clean up any litter boxes or presents left in the backyard from your pets. You don’t want potential buyers to smell any type of pet waste, or pet food in your home. Remember Step 8? We want your home to smell clean!!

It’s also a good idea to remove or hide your pets toys, food and water bowls. This will help declutter the space. Also, make sure to remove any pet hair left on floors or furniture.

10. Hide Valuables

This seems like a no brainer but its bears repeating. Don’t leave cash, prescription drugs, firearms or anything that has value accessible to others. Lock them up or remove them from you house all together. All buyers will be accompanied by a licensed Real Estate Agent but the old adage always weighs true: Out of sight, Out of Mind.

I Hope This Helps!

I am a Realtor with Warrington Group Real Estate at Real Estate One in Southgate and I focus on the Southeast Michigan. Please feel free to reach out to me with all your Real Estate needs. -Grant Warrington

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