Bathroom Shower Windows Can Destroy Your Home

What Happens?

If you have a window in your bathtub shower area water can get inside the wall and literally destroy the back of your home! Windows in bathtub areas are very common in homes in the Downriver MI area. Always caulk any cracks or exposed wood and keep an eye out for areas that water is pooling such as a ledge or window sill. If you notice loose wall tiles or ants in the shower area this could be an indicator of water behind your wall.

Here’s a Picture!

I came across this issue a few years back. In the picture below, the siding on the back of the house needed to be removed, the plywood and wall studs needed to be replaced, then the inside shower wall needed to be re-tiled. The picture was taken from the outside of the home looking into the bathroom.

From the outside of the home looking into the bathroom.

How Can I Help You?

It is my hope that this article gave you more knowledge about potential issues to look out for in your home. I am a Realtor with Warrington Group Real Estate at Real Estate One in Southgate and I’m an expert on Trenton and the Downriver Michigan Area. Please feel free to reach out to me with all your Real Estate needs. -Grant Warrington

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