Services I Provide To Home Buyers

If you are looking to Purchase a home, here is the list of Services I Provide to Home Buyers. Click the Links in the article below to watch videos that help explain my process and how effective it is. My goal is to make this a fun and informative experience for you! I do that by focusing on the 15 items listed below.

Services I Provide To Buyers

  1. MY TIME TO YOU: I am a Full Time Realtor so I can dedicate the required time to help you through this process.  I pride myself on my professionalism, knowledge of the market and my communication with my clients. Here is a short video briefly explaining the process: Home Buying Process.
  2. INITIAL CONSULTATION: I will discuss with you what areas and amenities you must have in your new home and more importantly why. This gives me a better idea of what you’re looking for and helps me search with you.
  3. PRE-APPROVAL: I will recommend lenders that can discuss your mortgage options and help you figure out what works best for your specific situation. This is a requirement to make an offer.
  4. AUTOMATIC SEARCH: I will set up a Multiple Listing Search based off the criteria we discussed in the initial consultation.  This will alert you instantly via email every time a home that matches your criteria hits the market.
  5. SHOWINGS & EVALUATIONS: I will accompany you on all showings and I use my background in construction and home rehabs to explain to you any major issues that we might encounter and how to solve them as well as the cost associated with the fix. Click on this video for an example: Do Not Replace Broken Sidewalk Squares. We can decide to pass on a home before paying the $400 for a home inspection. I will still always recommend a home inspection.
  6. TAX INCREASES: Your taxes always uncap the year after you buy your home. I will give you an estimate on what your tax increase could be so we can decide if the future payment makes sense.
  7. FLOOD ZONES: I will check to see if the home is in a flood zone. I advise we avoid them if possible due to the cost of flood insurance. There are however limited options to remove a house from a flood zone I can discuss with you.  
  8. RUN COMPS: I will look at comparable sold home prices to determine if the asking price is reasonable and make sure you are not overpaying. Then we will come up with an offer.
  9. CITY INSPECTION REPORT:  I have been involved in hundreds of City Inspections and repairs and I can evaluate if it makes sense for you to assume the repairs before we start the negotiating process.
  10. NEGOTIATE ON YOUR BEHALF: Armed with the knowledge of the comps, I can negotiate with the listing agent on your behalf. I have negotiated the purchase of an apartment building to a lease on a studio apartment and everything in between.
  11. HOME INSPECTION:  I can recommend 3 Home Inspectors to choose from. I am onsite with you during your inspection.
  12. KEEPING THE DEAL ON TRACK:  I keep in contact with the Title Company and the Mortgage Lender and make sure everyone is on target and all documents are getting turned in. I also help clear any issues the title company might have and keep the lender moving forward.
  13. TURN IN DOCUMENTS ON YOUR BEHALF:  After we close, as a courtesy to you, I will turn in your Property Transfer Affidavit (PTA) and your Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) to City Hall when allowed.
  14. CONTRACTOR REFERRALS AFTER PURCHASE:  With my property management experience I have built relationships with reputable contractors in the Downriver Area. I refer these contractors out to my clients when the need arises.
  15. NEXT YEAR PROPERTY TAX EVALUATION:  Your property taxes will uncap and could go up the year after you purchase your home. As your Real Estate Adviser I will take a look at your taxes and see if you are being assessed correctly or if we can get them lowered.  

I Hope This Helps!

I am a Realtor with Warrington Group Real Estate at Real Estate One in Southgate and I’m an expert on Trenton and the Downriver Michigan Area. Please feel free to reach out to me with all your Real Estate needs. -Grant Warrington

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